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IIM Rohtak
Nimbus Tours and Travels
Rongeen TV
Axnol Lubetech India Pvt Ltd
Engo Tea Co
A C Roy Shipbuilders
Animatrix Multimedia
Greentech Sunshine
ISB&M Pune
Engineering Services
Malda College
New Edge
Archana Engineering
Apes Kingdom
Greenzen Bio
Realtech Nirman
Bhagwati Foods
ADO Chemicals
RVD Waste Manahement
Cyfox Ospak Paper
Greentech Environ Management Private Limited

Whatever be your budget, we have a solution for you!

mbnx is an advertising & marketing services aggregator. mbnx provides a one-stop solution for all your marketing & branding needs, within your budget. We offer you the best possible rates in the market, and deliver better than the competition.

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Breaking free from the traditional, & providing one-stop solution to grow your brand. At mbnx, we provide forward thinking solutions & our expertise applies time tested strategies to optimize brand efficiency, cranking up the intensity to fuel expansive, profitable growth.

Keep You Growing

We are never satisfied with the regular. So, through our Act and Calibrate phases, we optimize for outcomes that matter most to your business and brands — like increase brand reach, targeted marketing and optimum brand ROI.

Drive growth for your Brand with mbnx

PACE : Prepare. Act. Calibrate. Evolve.

Sticking to Brand & Marketing fundamentals will drive results – not tactics or fads. That’s what our approach is all about: universal performance marketing truths that stand the test of time and help you win.



Understand your business and its specific requirements



Execute the plan to perfection, optimizing the deliverables



Make corrections to align with the desired results



Constantly monitor, measure, adapt, and improve

Our Principles

It doesn’t matter if you’re a big brand or small. Following these 5 undying principles is the secret ingredient to our clients’ success. Ignore these at your peril.

Move the Needle

Fact: you are probably wasting (a lot of) money somewhere. Find that waste, cut it and reallocate to what’s working best for your brand right now. Increase your results immediately and create momentum.

Get the Data right

Simple: your inputs determine your outputs. Good data = good decisions. And good decisions = good results. Clean, accurate and complete information is the linchpin of any winning marketing activity.

80:20 Marketing

Point: 20% of your marketing efforts lead to 80% of your results. Identify the leverage points in your 20% and focus efforts there for the biggest brand gains.

Revenue. Revenue. Revenue

RGAs: Revenue Generating Activities is the key. Marketing is not just about sexy ideas and tactics. Do the hard work to achieve the goals. Over time, you will surely beat your shiny object-chasing competitors.

There’s always a PLUS Level

Level Up: No matter how well a campaign or brand is doing, it can do better. Proactively research, test and evolve. You will unlock shocking new levels of growth and scale.

Our Services

At mbnx, we have & provide 56+ services to help you achieve growth by unlocking your true brand potential. Take your Brand forward whether, with re-branding, a new site, advertisement, product brochure, events or any other system, our focus is on helping improve your brand through a mix of strategy, design and technology. We have more than 56 marketing, and branding solutions to build your brand under a single umbrella.

Brand Building

mbnx is your one-stop destination for comprehensive brand-building solutions. We specialize in crafting a distinctive brand identity that resonates with your vision and captivates your audience. Explore our wide range of services tailored to elevate your brand presence:

At mbnx, we understand that every element of your brand speaks volumes. Let us guide you through the journey of creating a cohesive and impactful brand identity. Elevate your brand, captivate your audience, and leave a lasting impression with our comprehensive brand-building services.


mbnx provides innovative marketing solutions that converge to elevate your brand's outreach and engagement. Harness the power of strategic marketing with our specialized services:

At mbnx, we understand that effective marketing is about more than just reaching an audience; it's about creating meaningful connections and narrating brand stories. Our dedicated team combines creativity with data-driven strategies to maximize the impact of your marketing efforts.

Embrace the future of marketing with our comprehensive suite of services. From the instant reach of WA Marketing to the personalized touch of Email Marketing and the broad coverage of Bulk SMS, MBnX is your partner in crafting compelling marketing campaigns that drive results. Connect with us to amplify your brand's voice and engage your audience in innovative ways.

Digital Promotions

mbnx is your gateway to a dynamic digital presence. Elevate your brand with our comprehensive suite of digital services designed to enhance visibility, engagement, and conversion. Explore the possibilities now:

At mbnx, we are not just navigating the digital landscape; we are shaping it. Our team combines creativity, analytics, and technical expertise to amplify your brand across digital channels. From Social Media Management to SEO, let us be your partner in crafting a compelling digital presence that drives results. Connect with us to embark on a digital journey that transforms your brand's online impact.

At mbnx, we understand that effective advertising is about more than just visibility; it's about creating memorable brand experiences. Our dedicated team combines creativity with strategic thinking to ensure your message not only reaches but resonates with your target audience. Embrace the power of advertising with our comprehensive suite of services. From the immersive impact of TV Ads to the timeless appeal of Print Ads and the dynamic reach of Digital Ads, mbnx is your partner in crafting campaigns that transcend traditional boundaries. Connect with us to amplify your brand's voice and make a lasting impact in the competitive world of advertising.


mbnx provides great out-of-home solutions where the outdoors becomes your canvas for unparalleled brand visibility. Explore our diverse range of outdoor advertising solutions designed to make your brand stand out in the expansive landscapes:

At mbnx, we recognize the vast potential that outdoor spaces offer for brand promotion. Our team combines creativity with strategic placement to ensure your brand not only captures attention but leaves a lasting impression on the dynamic canvas of the great outdoors. Explore the limitless possibilities of outdoor advertising with mbnx. From the towering impact of Hoardings to the dynamic appeal of Digital Boards and the on-the-go visibility of Bus and Auto Branding, we are your partners in transforming outdoor spaces into powerful brand showcases. Connect with us to redefine your brand's presence in the expansive world outside.

Designing & Printing

mbnx is a trusted gateway to exceptional printing solutions that bring your brand to life. Explore our diverse range of printing services crafted to meet your every need:

At mbnx, we understand the significance of print materials in conveying your brand identity. Our commitment to quality and attention to detail make us your go-to partner for all your printing needs. Embrace the tangible power of print with MBnX. From the detailed storytelling of Brochure Printing to the impactful immediacy of Leaflet Printing and the expansive visibility of Flex Printing, we are here to transform your ideas into tangible, visually stunning reality. Connect with us to bring your brand to life on paper and beyond.

Videos & Animations

mbnx video services, where visual storytelling takes centre stage. Immerse your audience in a world of captivating videos that speak volumes about your brand. Explore our range of video services tailored to leave a lasting impact:

At mbnx, we believe in the transformative power of visual storytelling. Our team combines creativity with technical precision to craft videos that not only capture attention but also convey the essence of your brand in a memorable way. Elevate your brand with mbnx video services. From the concise impact of Short Videos to the social media allure of Reels and the enchanting storytelling of Animated Videos, we are here to bring your brand narrative to life in the most compelling visual medium. Connect with us to embark on a visual journey that resonates with your audience and sets your brand apart.

Merchandising & Gifting

mbnx is a premier destination for elevating your brand presence through carefully curated branded merchandise. Discover a world of possibilities as we transform everyday items into powerful brand ambassadors:

mbnx, understands the power of tangible connections. Our branded merchandise goes beyond simple items; it's a strategic extension of your brand identity. From the wearable pride of Branded T-Shirts to the functional elegance of Laptop Bags and the everyday utility of Mugs, we are here to elevate your brand presence in every aspect of life. Connect with us to explore the myriad ways branded merchandise can transform your brand visibility.


At mbnx, we transform occasions into unforgettable experiences. Whether you are planning for a grand launch or seeking to amplify your brand through a promotional event, we specialize in curating moments that leave a lasting impact. Explore our expertise in event planning:

We at mbnx go beyond the logistics of event management; we create atmospheres that tell your brand story. Our seasoned professionals combine creativity, precision, and strategic thinking to ensure that your launch or promotion event surpasses expectations. Elevate your brand with events that speak volumes. From the excitement of launch events to the strategic impact of promotion events, mbnx is your partner in turning events into brand milestones. Connect with us to embark on an event journey that defines and enhances your brand identity.


Listen to what our Customers have to say about our products and services

Dr. Manoj Pal

Dr. Manoj Pal

Women's College, Silchar

SevenM is rendering it's excellent technological services to Women's College, Silchar, Assam for last few years. We are highly satisfied with their services and support. The best part of their services is quick response and instant solutions to any issue that arises in day to day functioning of the customised software.

Dr. Pratap Banerjee

Dr. Pratap Banerjee

Jirat College, Hooghly

SevenM is a business of new generation. It provides us very specialized software for each area of educational sector. The company always charges fair prices for whole purposes or any part of educational institutional. Their professional outlook serves the college more than its expectations.

Dr. K Basu Neogi

Dr. K Basu Neogi

Matiaburj College, Kolkata

Working with SevenM is an excellent experience for us. Since last 2 academic years, they are working for our college very efficiently. Their helping nature and quick way of solving problems should be appreciated. We shall be happy to continue our association with them in future. Wish them all success ahead.

Dr. Sital De

Dr. Sital De

YSPM, East Midnapore

SevenM is a leading IT firm catering to the needs of Higher Education in India. We are much satisfied with our prolonged association with them. They have rendered excellent and meticulous services in all areas of Higher Education from Admission to ICT Automation. Their punctuality & quality service is praiseworthy.

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mbnx Case Studies

Explore our diverse portfolio of marketing and advertising case studies to witness the impact we've made for a variety of brands. From innovative strategies to captivating campaigns, our work speaks for itself. Join us in transforming challenges into triumphs – your brand's success is our priority.

Rongeen TV: Crafted program launches and channel roadmap

Rongeen TV: Crafted program launches and channel roadmap

Working with a new and innovative broadcaster, we architected, developed and launched Rongeen TV – a Bengali kids’ entertainment channel’s web platform that influenced not only the design of the brand but also the entire program bouquet. From t...

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Aquatherm : An animated film to better position the value proposition

Aquatherm : An animated film to better position the value proposition

Aquatherm boasts impressive tech products for the growing need for top-of-the-line products and services in the field of Water and Wastewater Treatment. To make it look like part of the Aquatherm group, the MBNX team created a stunning animated film ...

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Nidhikunj : An awareness campaign to communicate new product offerings

Nidhikunj : An awareness campaign to communicate new product offerings

Nidhikunj, a home boutique has been around since 2020 when its founder made a humble start to make available handpicked brand products for customer satisfaction. The purpose of coming up with this brand was to provide the best products to the people....

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